Revive Your Garments

We want our clothes back!
To'hum Club is driven by a greater mission:
We take your clothing back once you no longer need them, offering you up to a 40% discount based on your used garment's condition. We then apply our patented techniques to revitalize the used items, so they can be repurposed

You can find more about our buy-back program here!

Collaborations with local tailors

We want to honour the farm worker in the cotton field, the pattern designer and the garment maker stitching the clothes together. Throwing away a used garment as soon as it becomes too small, out of fashion, or starts to show the slightest imperfection, means throwing away hours and hours of labour, love and precious resources invested into the item.

For centuries, clothes were treasured as a product of craftmanship and designed to last a lifetime. Signs of wear and tear were stitched up to keep them alive and ready to pass onto the next generation.

With our reuse, reduce, recycle philosophy, we want to make a big shift away from the contemorary fast fashion culture.

Based on that principle, To’hum collaborates with skilled local tailors that help us revive your used items and get them ready for the next baby.

"We are committed to ensuring a sustainable brand experience beyond your purchase and throughout the lifetime of your garments."

To’share Program

To’hum was founded in The Netherlands, but we like to dream big and beyond borders. This is why we developed the To’Share.

Via the To’share programme, we can follow the journey of our clothes around the world. After getting your used garments back, we revive them and recyrculate them to communities around the world.

If the items are no longer usable as clothes, we transform them into blankets, socks, beanies and more! That way, we want to really squeeze all the potential out of the fabrics.

In collaboration with local and international NGOs, we make sure the clothes reach the right people. More info soon!

Açıklama Resmi

To’gether for Humanity

To’gether for Circularity

To’hum club thrives for a bigger purpose. We are intending to be your parntner while growing a sustainable generation.