Revive Your Garments

To'hum Club Garment Reviving Discount Policy  

Your clothing begins its exciting journey with a generous 40% discount waiting for you on your next purchase. Please note that any damages, as outlined in the table, will reduce your potential discount by 10% for each incident. But don't worry, we're here to help you every step of the way!



Garment Revive Discount Rules:
Our Discount Policy does not cover the following: burns, cutting into two, self-repaired damages, and discoloration due to bleach.
Kindly refrain from cutting the labels of your garments, as we've specially crafted them to be gentle on your skin using organic materials.
For the best care, we recommend washing your clothes using a longer program at 30 degrees Celsius and allowing them to air-dry.


We designed a user friendly process for your Reviving Process. Please contact us if from, you have any questions about To'hum Club Reviving Process. 




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