Designed for little explorers.

Timeless, gender-neutral and functional pieces that allow babies to grow - over and over again.

Ultra soft and stretchy fabric. No frills, no fuss, because we believe children just need to crawl, play andsprawl out carelessly.

Stretching the fabric twice will get rid of any wrikles, no need for ironing. Material designed to breathe insummer and keep warm in winter.

Every design has a unique name, inspired by the natural properties of the world’s flora.

Earthy colours that can easily be mixed an matched.

Gender-neutral & nature-inspired colours

Natural dyes, no toxic chemicals

Arctic Blue

Inspired by the crisp colour of our polar region, which we so want to protect

Stone Ecru

Inspired by the colour of the pebbles on a rocky beach

Forest Green

Inspired by the majestic green woods - the lungs of our planet

Coral Red

Inspired by the firy tones of the wonderful coral reefs with its unique life

Açıklama Resmi

Made of 100% organic cotton. GOTS Certified.