To’hum Circular Babywear wants to offer a holistic sustainability experience, including social, environmental and economical sustainability. Our dream is to work towards a conscious generation!

Designed to last:

Timeless designs:
We do not follow trends or seasons. Material designed to breathe in summer and keep warm in winter.

Functional design:
No frills, no fuss. We go for simple and functional patterns. Kid’s play and parent’s comfort were central thoughts when designing the items. This resulted in ultra soft and stretchy fabrics that do not need to be ironed.

Our gender-neutral colours and patterns allow for sharing among brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews… All our articles are available in four earthy colours, inspired by mother nature. Perfect for mixing and matching!

Responsibly produced:

Organic Cotton:
We ensure the finest quality soft organic cotton. Both the production as well as the transportation of our cotton is organic and eco-friendly.

GOTS Certification:
Global Organic Textiles Standard is the most stringent organic cotton standard available at the moment. All To’hum’s products have a GOTS certificate, guaranteeing a commitment to organic cotton, fair working conditions and wages all throughout the production chain, ecological transportation of the products and no use of toxic chemicals.

Fairly Produced:
The choice of our production partner was made after careful consideration and audits of several different facilities. Criteria such as social corporate responsibility, working conditions and employee wellbeing led us to choose our current production partner located in CITY in Turkey.

Packaging Materials:
We ensure plastic-free wrapping. Instead, we use FSC recycled paper packaging and organic cotton bags.

Conscious & smart materials:

Months of engineering resulted in a soft-touch and stretchy material that keeps it shape wear after wear, washing cycle after washing cycle. Fast-drying fabric that does not require ironing: simply stretching your item twice will get rid of any creases. Fabric designed to breathe in summer and keep warm in winter.

The devil is in the detail, so also our snap buttons, velcros and labels are plastic and nickel free and made of baby-friendly materials! Durable stitches for a long life.

"We are committed to ensuring a sustainable brand experience beyond your purchase and throughout the lifetime of your garments."

Sustainability after purchase:

Most brands’ sustainability practice ends when people buy their products. Well, with To’hum this is only the beginning!

We look forward to taking you on this journey with us...


Your every purchase comes with a To’hum cotton drawstring bag. We encourage you to wash your clothes inside of the washbag, as it reduces friction during the cycle and guarantees an even longer life for your garments! After all, our goal is to optimize the durability of every single piece of garment we bring into this world.
We recommend gently washing and air drying your pieces. Our clothes are designed to endure tumble drying and ironing, but we believe washing, hanging and folding is the way to go.
Saves you time and saves the planet energy.

Açıklama Resmi
Açıklama Resmi

To’hum club:

Unique Product Code:
Every To’hum item contains a unique product code, which you can find on the garment’s side seam label. Register your products online by going to the To’hum Club, using your unique product code. When it’s time for a bigger size, you can request a new item via your To’hum Club account. Depending on the condition of your used garment, a discount will be calculated at checkout.

Reviving your clothes:
When your journey with the garment ends, a new one begins: we make it our mission to revive the used garments. After we receive your items back, we check, wash and, if necessary, mend them.

We are proud to say that we are superheroes in breathing new life into your used garments! Our ten-step quality control and six-step regenerative process includes a unique biologic enzymatic cleaning technique. This is our own touch of magic!

Sustainable parenting hub:
On the To’hum Club platform, we created a space for ecoconscious and like-minded parents continuously looking to learn more about sustainable (parenting) practices. Check out To’hum Club for more!