Exercises to get your Baby Stronger and increase their motor skills

Exercises to get your Baby Stronger and increase their motor skills

These exercises will help your baby to grow up bigger and stronger while working on their motor skills.

Even though it may seem that your baby lays down all day, actually they get in a vigorous workout every day. Whatever he/she does, they exercise their little muscles. These small muscles can be trained as early as it gets for motor skills.  Also physical activity pays off in the form of more restful sleep, less fussiness, and a happy infant who is eager to play and learn, says Meena Chintapalli, M.D., a pediatrician in San Antonio. These easy exercises will help you to become your baby’s own personal trainer.

Tummy Time

Your infant spends the majority of his time on his back. Turning him over onto his stomach helps build the muscles in his neck, arms, shoulders, back, and stomach, says Robert Pantell, M.D., author of Taking Care of Your Child. Make sure these tummy times are monitored by an adult. Using a good quality yoga mat will make this easier for your baby. Also try to engage your baby so they can look around and train their muscles.


Pulling your baby up into a sitting position is another good way to strengthen the muscles in her shoulders, core, arms, and back, says Steve Sanders, Ed.D., author of Encouraging Physical Activity in Infants. Even though you’re doing the pulling, your baby will naturally flex her abdominal muscles and work to keep her head in alignment with her body, which helps strengthen the muscles and build balance. 


Did your mom ever tell you to cycle your baby’s legs to help relieve gas? Well, it’s not only a natural method for pushing air out of his system—it’s also a good way to work the legs, hips, knees, and abs. This move helps increase flexibility as well as his range of motion. “Put your baby on his back and gently move his legs up and around, as if he were pedaling a bicycle,” says Dr. Chintapalli. Coo, smile, sing, or make choo-choo or vroom noises while you do the motion.

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