Circular Baby Clothing Companies

Circular Baby Clothing Companies

To’hum is a circular baby clothing shop with a GOTS certificate. 

For To’hum, the circular fashion trend means that all of our principles are here for a more circular economy and sustainable development. This trend relates to the fashion industry in a wide sense. Circular Fashion focuses on the entire cycle of a product and re-arranges it to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

To’hum supports this circulation process with Tohum Club. To’hum Club enables its members to register their products with the product-specific codes that are embroidered (or printed) on the clothes. With this registration, members will be able to see what they have in their digital wardrobes. They can send them back when they need newer and bigger clothes. Furthermore, earn discounts on their new clothes based on the condition of the old ones. By these means, To’hum reduces the number of clothes that are produced and ends up as fashion waste. To’hum has several techniques, which are an innovative combination of the latest technology and old-school methods to ensure the fabric quality, color, and hygiene of the clothes. In this way, To’hum takes care of its clothes at the end of its life cycle in your wardrobe and gives it another life at someone else’s. 

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