Best Fabrics for Babies 2021

Best Fabrics for Babies 2021


Cotton is the most popular fabric for baby clothing. It is soft and it is highly breathable and it is gentle for soft baby skin. Especially, using organic cotton fabric is a perfect choice for babies. Organic cotton means that the cotton is grown without the use of any chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Especially babies with skin allergies generally use organic cotton as it has fewer chemical components than synthetic fabric.

As To’hum we use organic cotton to make sure that your babies are comfortable, safe, and allergy-free. (Unless your children have a direct cotton allergy.)

Jersey Knit

Cotton jersey knit is another strong competitor for cotton. It is breathable and easy to work with. It is an excellent choice for tailors because of its easy use. Jersey knit is also very stretchable, making it a great candidate for baby apparel. 

Bamboo Rayon

Rayon fabric is the perfect fabric for blankets, swaddles, hats and other garments. It is soft and durable. It can be used for babies with skin allergies and it is great in temperature control, therefore your baby doesn’t become too hot.


Minky is a soft polyester-based knit fabric. It is generally used in blankets, plush animals, and toys. It is not breathable as its organic counterparts.


Fleece is generally known for keeping your babies warm. It is generally used in outwear and blankets. This fabric dries extremely fast and resists stains.

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