5 Fashion Tips for Babies and Toddlers in 2022

5 Fashion Tips for Babies and Toddlers in 2022

Avoid clothes that are too tight

Always make sure that the product sizes are fit for your babies. Kids of this age are generally hyperactive and they need extra room in their clothes as they tend to crawl. 

To’hum baby products are designed with this in mind, so *our products have an elastic capacity, to protect the cloth and the baby.

Choose the Healthy Material

Allergies start to build up at this age, so selecting the right material will help avoid allergic reactions. Their delicate and sensitive skins are not suited for all fabrics. You should go for cotton, silk, wool, polyester and linen when you are shopping for your kids. These are generally the safe choices of fabric for your kids.

To’hum baby clothes have a GOTS certificate. This certificate verifies that our products are created from %100 certified organic materials and without hazardous chemicals.

Avoid Clashing Colours

As 2021 Fashion suggests similar color shades are this year's trend. So try to buy products that match and try to stay away from Neon colors if you are going for a combination.

Be Aware of Genderfluid Products

Fashion in 2021 for babies and toddlers trends into genderless clothing. So you can buy a pink shirt for a boy and a blue shirt for a girl. Be a part of this fashion trend.

Less is More

Hairbands, ribbons, and other accessories may be cute but putting on a lot of them has a risque factor. Your baby can play with these accessories and can swallow them by mistake, so try to keep your baby's clothing simple. 

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