3 Games to Play with Your Baby

3 Games to Play with Your Baby

In the early weeks, enjoying your newborn consists mostly of gazing at her while she sleeps (since that’s what she spends almost all of her time doing!). But before long, she becomes more awake and interested in the world around her — and you’ve got some entertaining to do. “Babies need a variety of experiences,” explains Jan Blaxall, a professor of early childhood education at Fanshawe College in London, Ont. “And the key ingredient in their play is one-on-one attention from you.” Here are some fun ideas to get you started with baby games.

Babies need a variety of experiences, these games are key ingredients for their cognitive improvement.

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Fill an empty bottle with interesting things. For example, colorful buttons, Jell-O, liquid soap, food coloring, or oil. Make sure the lids are securely closed with packing tape, so your newborn can't chew. As your newborn crawls they will love to follow these bottles around as it rolls on the floor.

Ball Rock and Roll

If you like doing yoga you probably own a big exercise ball. This ball can be used for your kid to play with. Hold her securely on top of the ball with both your hands and roll her very slightly in different directions. 

Once your baby starts on his/her move, she/he will love following this huge ball around and chasing after it.

Where did it Go UnderCovers?

Put a big soft blanket over a table and sit underneath it with your newborn on your lap. Take his favorite toys under this blanket for a new imaginary world. Roll a ball under this blanket and search for it with your baby. Just make sure that your baby crawls with decent support from you.

Put a big blanket over a table and sit underneath with your young baby on your lap and a few toys. Roll a ball out of your fort, and then find out where it went. “Even young babies can’t just sit all the time,” Blaxall says. “Change up their position — on their tummy, upright in your arms, on your lap, over your shoulder, facing outward.” 

As your child grows, let him crawl up on piles of pillows, and create paths and tunnels with big boxes and couch cushions.

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